• USA : In Honor of Our Veterans


    On Veterans Day, it’s a time to give thanks. To pause and recognize the contributions of the more than 23 million veterans who served our nation. We are eternally grateful for their service to our country and need to remember that our veterans need our support every single day.

    After leaving military service, some veterans have stepped forward and chosen to continue their service to our nation as Members of the U.S. House of Representatives. I would like to introduce four of them to you today.

    Two courageous vets, who are currently serving with me in the House, have provided critical leadership on issues affecting veterans, working families and the future of our country.

    Congressman Leonard Boswell, has served our nation and the people of Iowa’s Third District since 1996, after 20 years of service in the United States Army. As a Member of Congress, Leonard has been a champion for working families and veterans who have suffered from the job killing Republican policies.

    Congressman Tim Walz, after 24 years in the Army National Guard, won his first campaign for the Minnesota’s First Congressional District in 2006. Tim has made improving the care of our nation’s veterans a top priority. Last year, the Rochester Post Bulletin said “Walz has relentless energy, and he brings a soldier's work ethic to the House.”

    It is my goal, and the goal of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, to help more brave men and women, who have served our country in the uniform of our country’s Armed Forces, to continue their service as Members of Congress.

    Retired Army Officer Brendan Mullen, who is running for Indiana’s Second Congressional District, is one such person. After graduating from West Point, Brendan served in U.S. Army in deployments in the Republic of Korea near the DMZ and in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After leaving the Armed Forces he started a small business to create good jobs in America where they belong. He’s running for U.S. Congress to give Indiana a strong, independent voice and to get our economy back on track.

    Brigadier General John Douglass (Ret.), is another courageous veteran who has stepped forward to continue his service to our country by running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. John also served as an Assistant Secretary of the Navy and will bring valuable leadership and experience to Congress. John is a problem solver and he will attack the challenges facing our nation with the same energy and determination with which he served our nation while in uniform.

    I hope you will join with me today in thanking a vet and giving thanks for their courage, self-sacrifice and dedication to our nation and our future.

    Thank you.

    Steve Israel
    DCCC Chairman

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