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    Expose the Truth: Share Stories from Burma

    Dear Marylise,
    Thanks to everyone who has signed up to host a storytelling event. Those who haven't signed up yet, we would like to urge you to sign up now to help us expose the truth about the Burmese military regime's crimes against the people of Burma. 

    The situation hasn't changed, in fact, it’s getting worse. Just last week, 20,000 more people were displaced in Northern Burma due to heavy attacks by the Burmese army against the Kachin Independence Army. Reports have also surfaced that Buddhists monks were used as human shields by the Burmese army during an operation to deliver supplies to frontline troops in Northern Shan State.  

    The militarization in Burma is increasing in ethnic states, and many communities are facing forced labor, forced relocation, sexual violence, and more. Help us tell these stories and more. Don't let the regime's PR campaign overpower the voices of the people. 

    Weaving narratives about our lives is one of the things that makes us human.
    The stories we tell are undeniably powerful. Stories allow us to connect with one another, to know each other as individuals rather than statistics. Yet those who are living through human rights crises have their stories written from a distance, in news blurbs and legal briefs. These stories rarely become as compelling as the ones you tell on your own blog, simply because they often lack the intimacy of a much fuller first-person narrative.” Read more here.

    The stories we will give you for your event will come from the recently released oral history book Nowhere to be HomeNarratives from Survivors of Burmas Military Regime. Published by Voices of Witness “The narratives in this book offer a powerful depiction of daily life within Burma as well as the tenuous border regions to which an estimated 1-2 million have fled. In their own words, men and women from Burma describe how their lives have been deeply altered by the country’s current military regime."

    Storytelling event organizers will need to find 5 people who will perform readings of the stories as well as a public venue where you can host your event. When you sign up, we will electronically send you text of stories from Nowhere To Be Home, flyers, and other tools. We want the story readers to not simply read from the page, but to really tell the stories. Sign up here!  

    In addition to telling stories, you can also chose to screen one of two highly acclaimed documentaries, “Burma Soldier”, directed by Nic Dunlop, Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern or “Into the Current”, directed by Jeanne Hallacy. Burma Soldier tells the unforgettable story of a former member of the Burmese Army, a foot soldier named Myo Myint who risked  everything solely because he believed in freedom and basic rights for himself and his people. Into the Current highlights the plight of Burma's political prisoners and their efforts to free the country from dictatorship, through rare archival footage filmed by the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) and historical scenes of Aung San Suu Kyi as the visionary leader of the country's non-violent movement. 

    In solidarity,

    Myra and the U.S. Campaign for Burma team


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